Tax Reform Q&A with Senator Thune

President Tony Kneeland and Executive Officer Julie Kneeland attended the Tax Reform Q&A with John Thune Friday morning (4/20/18).

Mr. Thune gave a presentation of the Tax Reform highlights before answering questions from the crowd. It was a very interesting meeting as there were people from all aspects of life there; farmers, judges, accountants, healthcare, education, retail, construction, etc.

During Q&A time, Tony gave appreciation for what was done with Tax Reform for the Housing Industry and asked what is happening with the lumber trade between US and Canada. Mr. Thune was vague on details, but sounded optimistic about being close with NAFTA deals. There was also a quick conversation between Tony and Mr. Thune about price increases and affordable housing.

While talking with Thune on our way out, the Home Builders Association's role with Tax Reform was quickly discussed. It was neat to hear Thune agree and comment about the impact NAHB had. Tony would again like to stress that our organization has a voice and presence in Washington. Support of the HBA is vital, necessary and greatly appreciated.

Be educated. Be involved. Be a member.